February 2010 ––
Toronto brother Steve DiLorenzo contacted munkowitz to participate in the Toronto-based Pixel Gallery exhibition entitled, BOBO. The interpreted directive was to generate a freaky rad clown-head that would be projected onto attendees bodies in the gallery space. Each artist was given three emotions to cover, so munko put some friends together and made the BOBO ham it up Angry, Happy and the Sad.

The Film

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–– 02

How it worked was munko provided the clips with an Alpha channel and that's how it was composited in real-time on the people - little did they know the freaky emotional BOBO the Clown was gonna be riding that neck hard.

Process Imagery

–– 03
Dearest friend Daegan Palermo was the kind nugget throughout; without his amazingly expressive mug and performance skillas, no BOBO make cry cry happy face face, BOBO.

Pixel Gallery Press Release

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Does the image of the clown make you giggle like a child, or are you petrified of the thought? Emotional or indifferent perhaps? The iconic image of the clown evokes both positive and negative reactions. For some, the mere mention or presence of a clown conjures up childhood memories of birthday parties and good cheer, while others are confronted with feelings of inexplicable uneasiness. People’s strong reactions to clowns offer them a mirror for their own joys and fears in the form of a caricature.

In this installation post modernism meets Victorian cyber punk with a touch of Pagliacci. An old weary traveler named BoBo has transcended time to appear for you in a magic mirror set in a mysterious booth. After his frenetic display, you emerge from the booth into the gallery space to see a curious transformation has taken place that involves you the gallery patron, becoming part of unique and unexpected art experience.

The Film

–– 01

Director, Lead Designer, Editor

for Resistor Gallery
BOBO Credit List

Produced by Pixel David Girolami and Steve Di Lorenzo
Curated by Steve Di Lorenzo

Director: GMUNK
Director of Photography: Stephen Schuster
Designer: Bradley G Munkowitz
Actor / Talent: Daegan Palermo
Makeup: Elizabeth Prokopiak
Editorial / Finishing: Bradley G Munkowitz