iMeet Game Over

December 2010 ––
The good friends Muhtayzik | Hoffer reached out to munkowitz to create an innovative campaign launch video for iMeet, a video-conferencing service designed to modernize online communication. Drawing upon nostalgia to visually mimic the feeling of e-conference overload, munko took a queue off the old 8-Bit Missile Command game to tell a simple story of email subjects turning into missiles, napalming the user as they overload the inbox.

The Film

–– 01

Original Design Styleframes

–– 02
 The key ingredient to the aesthetic was the feeling of a worker's computer screen being captured with a hand-held, so it felt alive with camera movement, defocusing, lens distortion etc. A very simple graphic language ( thank you Missile Command ) mixed with that extra dip of humanity is all that was needed. 

Alternate Design Styleframes

–– 03
This direction took out the blatant MCommand references yet still borrowed some stylistic cues. The idea was the email subjects rush at camera as the user shoots them down via an unseen missile stream. Still communicates the concept of e-conference overload through the chaos of subjects lines glitching out the camera.

Agency Cutdown

–– 04
Happily the spot made it on-air, although the :30 cutdown had an interesting twist, as the music was removed, rendering the entire experience a much more sparse, desolate and ominous feeling inside the cubicle.

Design Director, Lead Designer

at Black Swamp
for iMeet via Muhtayzik | Hoffer
iMeet Credit List

Agency: Muhtayzik | Hoffer
Creative Director: Diko Daghlian
Producer: Kelli Bratvold
Graphic Design / Animation: Black Swan
Executive Producer: Matt Winkel
Design Designer: Bradley G Munkowitz
Lead Designer: Bradley G Munkowitz
Lead Animator: TJ Sochor
Editor: Agathe Fay
Sound Design: Chaz Windus